3D Crystal Paperweight
Corporate Awards

3D Laser Photo Realistic Crystals

When it is important to capture small details in razor-sharp quality, you cannot beat a 3D laser engraved crystal award. All products are defined by their visual appearance, in addition to their underlying function. Brand standards dictate that absolute accuracy is required for any corporate award. Here, the razor sharp engraving capability of our 3D lasers comes to the rescue! If a detail can be accurately printed on paper, it can also be accurately engraved in our 3D laser engraved crystal awards. This includes not only logos, but small textual details as well.

Because we can work with any 3D file type, we can work with directly with engineers, architects, branding specialists and graphic artists to faithfully reproduce approved corporate artwork. If a detail is in the art, we can engrave it! This includes 3D CAD drawings of new buildings, manufactured equipment, new products, advertising campaigns for new services. If it can be drawn, we can create an amazing 3D laser engraved crystal award! To top it off, we convert all customer provided CAD drawings and line art to 3D at no charge!

To finish the job, every 3D laser engraved crystal gift or award is provided with a quality blue satin lined and padded gift box!  We wouldn’t have it any other way!