Our 3D Crystal Store

Our 3D crystal gifts and awards are made of only the finest available, award quality optical crystal. Optical crystal is the material that camera and telescope lenses are made of. Before eyeglasses were made from poly-carbonate, they were made from optical crystal. Optical crystal is glass that has had all of its mineral content removed, so that it is perfectly clear and pure. Optical crystal is environmentally friendly since it is pure glass.

Unlike leaded crystal or everyday glass, optical crystal has no color because it has no iron or lead in it. Leaded crystal has 24% lead oxide and that not only gives it those pretty colors when viewed at different angles, but it allows the crystal to be carved. The problem with leaded crystal is that lead is a poison. Typical everyday glass has various minerals, including iron, in it and that results in that greenish color when viewed from the edge.

In addition to the beautiful, hand carved and polished optical crystal we use for our 3D crystal gifts and awards, each piece is provided with a high quality black gift box with padded blue satin lining. There is no need to worry about finding an appropriate gifts box for our crystals! They are ready to wrap or simply present as they are! When you consider our industry leading guarantee, it’s obvious that 3D Crystal Awards is your best choice for 3D crystal gifts and awards.

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