Data Security

At 3D Crystal, we know that you are concerned about the security of your personal and credit card information. We take our responsibility to safeguard this information very seriously. To that end, we have taken the following measures to ensure that all of your personal and credit card information is safeguarded to the maximum extent possible:

  1. We encrypt all of your ordering information using high grade SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) encryption techniques. Encryption protects all of your order information by encoding it in a form which is impossible for hackers to decode. Only we have the ability to read your information. You can verify the installation of this capability by clicking on the green lock symbol just to the left of your browser address.
  2. All credit card information is used only for authorized charges and is then destroyed. No credit card information is stored in any of our web server databases. Any credit card information taken over the telephone, as a part of a telephone order, is used once for the authorized charge and then is shredded.
  3. None of your personal information will ever be sold to a third party. We hate it when others do this to us, and we pledge that we will not do this to you. Your personal information is only provided for the purpose of making a purchase and for no other reason. Rest assured that the security of this information will be maintained.