• 3D Crystal Paperweight
    Corporate Awards

    3D Laser Photo Realistic Crystals

    When it is important to capture small details in razor-sharp quality, you cannot beat a 3D laser engraved crystal award. All products are defined by their visual appearance, in addition to their underlying function. Brand standards dictate that absolute accuracy is required for any corporate award. Here, the razor sharp engraving capability of our 3D lasers comes to the rescue!…

  • 3D Crystal Rectangle
    Corporate Awards

    Put a 3D Crystal Tiger in your Tank!

    When a certain very large oil company wanted to commemorate the opening of a new oil field, they came looking for a 3D crystal award for the project team members. We recommended turning their iconic tiger into a stunning 3D crystal image complete with photo realistic tiger stripes and even its whiskers. We were able to take a stock 3D…

  • 3D Crystal Prestige Award
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    3D Crystal Portraits

    Convert your photo to one of our 3D Crystal Portraits as a beautiful way of creating a personal gift, a corporate award or a memorial. Create an emotional “punch” that leaves an impression not soon forgotten! We can work with any high resolution photo having good contrast. Some of the best applications of this technique are: Corporate Awards: As in…