3D Crystal Rectangle
Corporate Awards

Put a 3D Crystal Tiger in your Tank!

When a certain very large oil company wanted to commemorate the opening of a new oil field, they came looking for a 3D crystal award for the project team members. We recommended turning their iconic tiger into a stunning 3D crystal image complete with photo realistic tiger stripes and even its whiskers. We were able to take a stock 3D tiger have in our library and position it such that it matched the customer’s specific requirements. After adjusting the tiger stripes to match their branding standards, all we had to do was add the project logo.

Do you have an brand image that defines your company? Chances are, we can create a highly detailed and incredible 3D image that will knock the gift recipient out with the sharp detail available from our lasers. Many logos have implied 3D elements and we can turn them into actual laser engraved 3D elements! Viewed from the front, they match the original brand image, but when rotated, the surprise is revealed as the 3D image is now actually turned into a amazing 3D crystal award!

Of course, all 3D crystal gifts and awards come with a complimentary high quality padded blue satin gift box. After all, you wouldn’t serve Filet Mignon on a paper plate, would you?