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Donor Gifts

3D Crystal Donor Gifts

Need an elegant way to say thank to your donors? Our 3D Crystal Donor Gifts are your answer! Colleges, universities, hospitals, private schools and museums are always tearing old buildings down and putting new ones in their place. None of these great things would happen without donors and their contributions. You need to say thanks without blowing a lot of money and our 3D laser engraved gifts are the perfect way to say thanks without your donors thinking that you’ve misspent their contributions.

Our 3D crystal gifts and awards range from small to humongous, we have just the piece you need. For example, we can put a 3D laser engraved image of a new or renovated building inside the crystal! Personalization is always free and adds that special touch that says “we really appreciate you”.

3D crystal donor gifts can be made from any of our beautiful crystal pieces, but our Jewel Cut Crystals, Edge Cut Crystals and Crystal Rectangles are especially popular for this purpose.

And of course, a quality black gift box with padded blue satin is included at no extra charge.